Progress over Perfection…

What is up you guys?!? 

Can you believe it Day 2 to the start of a new decade!! I am still in awe that we are at the start of a new year. The last year and a half was so hard as it would test my marriage, grow our family, teach us hard financial lessons, it also had me learning the true meaning behind ” Be Still”. I have never been a patient individual but I have learned there are times in life when it is important to sit and think on decisions, rather than decide on them rationally. 

As many of us tend to do at the end of a year and the start of the new year I caught myself reflecting on all the lessons learned, as well as all the great success that came both personally and professionally in 2019. I studied more in 2019 on personal growth than I ever have in my entire life. I completed my first full year of life and business coaching to help prepare my heart and mindset for what was to come with the release of my first book “This is me doing life.” I had my first book signing inside of a Barnes and Noble store. It was so surreal to see people go through the checkout line with my book in hand. I was one of the few selected and accepted into a Peer Leadership Program with Children’s Hospital that had over 112 applicants, that once completed will open so many new opportunities to grow within the organization. 

Now for the hard stuff, at the beginning of 2019 due to debt and career change hubby and I sold our home of 8 years to free ourselves from the refinance rat race. While we were excited and optimistic to grow our family, we would also find out we were pregnant and our little girl would be born Summer 2019. Shawn and I still hadn’t found a place of our own and we welcomed Miss Remi Colic and all all while we were living with my in laws (Bless them!) Health wise 2019 was hard on my body, I was on weekly injections to prevent pre-term labor while I was Pregnant with Remi. Anyone who has ever had to get weekly needle injections can understand it’s not so simple getting poked week after week and sometimes in the exact same spot that was still trying to heal from weeks before. Injections played heavily with my emotions as well, as if I wasn’t emotional and hormonal enough already LOL. Then after Remi was born doctors would determine I had a severe case of appendicitis and needed to have emergency surgery which required me getting a surgical port (Ouchie!). Marriage wise hubby and I were forced to make some hard financial and career decisions. The two of us for so long have always been the couple to help out everyone else so for the cards to be flipped and it was now us accepting help from my in laws that also weighed heavily on me all year. 

Through all of this I managed to still make some traction when it came to reaching some long term goals I had set for myself. We were able to become free from credit card debt and car loan debt. We were able to fund my first book and the marketing for my book 100% debt free. We were able to find a house with some land that we see our family being able to fully grow into and truly make this house our long-term home. I was able to travel to my first RISE Business conference event, one that I was not able to afford to go to in previous years. I no longer say everything happens for a reason, but what I do know to be true is I survived through the hard stuff. My marriage survived through the hard stuff. I have been able to find meaning in what we went through as a family and I was also able to see that we can succeed with a new way of living, versus doing things the way we have always done before. 

 I share all this with you guys because I know first hand what it takes to create change, I also know the only way I am going to make BIG traction is when I just go for the baby steps and work on being and staying consistent, rather than working and doing things perfectly every time. Progress over Perfection. 

I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year! If you haven’t already, sit down and make some time going over goals and dreams for your life. This is the start of a new decade lets work hard and keep each other accountable. As always if you like my writings please enter your e-mail below and follow this blog. Please feel free to share my blog link with others as well, as your friends may not always be on my friends lists. I will also be starting a 9 week Behind the Book Series of my memoir “This is me doing life” so please find me on Facebook in my book group site or personal Facebook author page. I am also on Instagram. #Thisismedoinglife #Author #Mom #Wife #Goalgetter



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