The Mccune Farm is born…

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

It has been a minute since I’ve posted but man oh man did the month of November Fly by!! I did some traveling and had another successful book event! We have some new readers and I want to give a special shout out to the newbies who have found this blog. Thank you for your support! So I mentioned in quite a few blog posts my husband and I were in the home buying process. Honestly we have been in the home buying processing since late September and month after month when nothing was making any head way, I was honestly getting to a point wondering was this really worth it? Was this one particular house worth all this trouble?

But God being in control every time I tried to bail and go right he was quick to remind us why being patient will pay off and work in our benefit. I am not sure how familiar you are with the housing market right now but out here in Colorado, housing prices are insane. to put it into perspective a 3 bedroom house on average is selling for $350,000-$400,000 and these are prices for homes listed within communities and are usually part of an HOA. After Shawn and I sold our home in February 2019 we were not at all willing to get back into that price point, unless we had some land to go along with it. Knowing that we could make use of our land to help generate and bring in income to help us pay off our mortgage quickly was really something we were striving to find. But good luck finding any land with a house on it already for under $500,000.

We have a family friend who heard about our journey and knew we were looking for a new home with some land. Ironically his parents had lived in this home for the last 19 years but it was getting harder and harder for them to maintain due to his father having a stroke. His parents were looking to move out of state but would need some major help in getting all the legal paperwork in order to even sell the property. Shawn and I went to the property as I had never even been there before, I did not know exactly what the hype was from my husband and his parents on why this house would be the perfect fit for us. The house is located 15 minutes from my moms house, but it is very much located in the middle of no where. The house runs completely off of well water and septic. The home all in all needs work carpet, new windows, flooring, but the structure itself seems to be sound. What’s even more awesome is the house sits on a 2.5 acre lot with a fully function able horse barn!

Obviously my husband was in love! This has always been something he’s wanted. He now has land to practice archery shooting, to ride around on 4 wheeler with our kids. I agreed while it needed some things done right away to make it livable with the kids, it was cute, not too much house and something that could honestly pay for itself depending on what we decided to do with our horse barn and/or the land. Our realtor Cristina was a freaking champion through the entire process of buying this home. She walked us through step by step of what’s called a purge process, she worked her magic when underwriting came back and said the property needed to be reviewed by an engineer 2 days before closing. Cristina day after day gave me hope and reassurance she would do everything in her power to get us closed and back in our own home by Thanksgiving!! We closed on our cute 3 bedroom Farm house on 11/22/2019 and while we have so much work to do I can’t help but feel blessed.

God knew my anxieties when it came to relying on other people while we figured out our next step, god knew I needed a person like Cristina to be the one and only person to close on such a complex deal. I seriously thank everyone who prayed for me and my family, who let us voice our frustrations and concerns without trying to fix the problem for us. Thank you Christy my discipleship mentor, my church family, My family and friends who offered prayer to our family consistently every week. Shawn will be setting up our YouTube channel so you guys can follow all our craziness and how we learn all the things about our new farm.

As always if my words or my story inspires you at all please share my blog link with your friends on social media. I also love hearing from you guys so please feel free to comment, ask me questions on blog posts. #Thisismedoinglife #Weliveonafarm #Familyfirst #Lovethelifeyoulive

New Home

New Home1

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