Mortality Motivation…

Morning Readers!! Man I am surely on the struggle bus the last few days. I write down in my journal everyday “I am the most positive person I know” and the last few days I am even struggling to find this sentence to be true. I know deep down I need to snap out of it and stop letting anxieties win, my problems are nothing compared to what some families are dealing with on a daily basis. In life coaching last week we spoke about mortality motivation and this idea has surely been on my mind. I find it crazy that it surely takes someone else’s loss or even a loss of our own for us to wake up and be present and REALLY appreciate the things we have here in life.

Recently I have reached out to a mom who I met on a “safe sleep” group on Facebook. This momma has been so brave in sharing her daughters story in hopes sharing her story will save other babies and I don’t doubt my own daughter’s life was saved because of her. My little Remi is now almost 7 months old, but man were we struggling to get her to sleep safely in her bassinet once she turned 2 months. I would try anything and everything. It literally took me finding a safe sleep group and getting in a community of mommas who could help aide in giving me every tip and trick in the book to get this child to respond to safe sleeping. With lots of trial and error we found a sleep sack that changed everything for miss Remi and one she could grow into. While I am so thrilled we finally have little miss on a sleep schedule, my heart hurts for those families who no longer have their babies to hold.

My job requires me to speak with families who are typically in crisis mode Their number one goal is to get their sick or hurt child better, while not going into financial bankruptcy in the process . I have very little attention and time from families to go over pretty lengthy application programs to moms, dads and caretakers. Something that all of these families express to me and gets me thinking is when they say “This came out of no where” or I should of appreciated what our lives were before the illness, or before the accident. I should of enjoyed life more when things were “normal”, when things were good. Comments like these get me thinking about my own family and how I choose everyday to respond to others around me, my kids and to my husband. 

Dave Hollis said it best in a live stream a few months back “I am still in control of what video gets played at my funeral.” “I still get to impact people and the things that they will say about me and my character after I leave this earth.” While I do not always get this right it helps keeping these conversations within reach. It helps me to think about this in the heat of an argument with my 6 year old, strong tempered child. I don’t know what mortality motivation looks like for you and heck maybe your reading this right now and thinking something like this has never ever been a topic for discussion. But I encourage you and not in a depressing debbie downer way, but sit with your thoughts for a minute and think about what if today was your last day here on earth. Would you be proud of yourself? Would you be proud of what you accomplished today? How would you leave your loved ones, feeling loved or feeling lonely?? Would your last day on earth be left with unresolved problems, or hurt feelings. Yes, I would agree this is a bit deep but what I know to be true is when I turn my thoughts into questions like these it causes me to live everyday, every moment with more intention. It causes me to reach for those baby steps a little bit quicker. 

I started blogging publicly 2 years ago not knowing if any of the words I wrote mattered. Turns out my story was important. In fact my story was so inspiring to others both who shared the same caretaker struggles, financial struggles, mom struggles that I did, as well as to others who were just plain curious about my life. Reality is this little ole blog grew. Me being me, vulnerable and real helped me grow. Readers if I can inspire you at all with my writings I want to challenge you today with this… What are you waiting for?? Seriously what are you waiting for to become a better version of you? What are you waiting for to choose joy over sadness. What are you waiting for to set up that doctors appt that you know will get you on the road to feeling better. Like Andy Mineo says “Make Moves or Make Excuses”!! We are at the start of a new decade, Let’s get to work!! 

Beyond the Book Series Starts January 6th 2020 with a Facebook Live so please find me on social media. We will be doing a 9 week deep dive into my memoir “This is me doing life.” I will share about my journey in how I became a published author and made this pipe dream my true reality. As always if my words have inspired you please share my blog link on your social media pages. Also enter your e-mail in the “follow me” section that way you are instantly notified when new blog posts come out. Love you guys!  

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