Life Changing Conference… Part 3

I seriously think it is great your still reading this! So lets keep going…

Day 1 ended with an arena full of people who just had to admit some really hard things to themselves and in some situations to their spouses and/or business partners. The amount of couples I met on the airplane and on day 1 who work together was awesome to see, but I can only imagine the power struggle that happens trying to differentiate business vs pleasure. Even though we tackled hard topics we got to end the day with a dance party and some insight into what Day 2 would look like.

Day 2- Own your Present. Being that south Carolina was 2 hrs ahead of Co Time, my waking up at 5am there meant I woke up at 3am Colorado time. But that was all worth it to me on Day 2 when my Roomie and I got to the venue extra early as we heard showing up early would possibly mean a quick meet and greet with Dave and Rachel Hollis. Well guess what my day was made when my Roomie and I got to do a photo selfie with Dave Hollis!! OMGeee!! On Day 2 we got to hear from even more power house speakers Dean Graziosi, Mally Roncal, Amy Porterfield, Marie Forleo and the lady who gave us all things finance Rachel Hollis! Now you might be thinking dang that is a lot of speakers and sounds like a lot of sitting. This conference was scheduled as a full 8 hr day for us but on Day 2 due to the amount of information that needed to be covered the entire conference went over time by 2 1/2 hrs. It was insane and I give it to Rachel who every time she saw someone yawn there we were doing a 30 second dance and jumping up and down by our seats. Day 2 was all about getting the crowd “ok” with accepting failure and getting us in the right mindset on how we will from here on out work through our failures instead of letting it completely derail us.

Day 3- Own your future. It is also important to note that every night after the conference ended the networking never stopped. There were support groups for realtors, authors, Inspectors, Chiropractors, literally every type of business had a support group meet up every night after the conference. It helped people bounce ideas off of one another, it helped people connect with one another so that once the conference was over we now had new friendships to fall back on to help keep us accountable to one another. Even though it was Day 3 the speaker line up was surely at its peak, we got to hear from Brendon Burchard, Ed Mylett, Chris Hogan (From the Dave Ramsey Team) and Rachel Hollis. We got to hear from the experts themselves on just how they built their success, how they handled their mountains of failed moments, but more importantly how even in those seasons of doubt them working hard and willing to put in work paid off. Day 3 had me realize all the speakers I heard from in the last 3 days were people exactly like you and I. Their experiences a lot like my own. The conference ended with an 80’s cover band called the spazmatics. While I went to the conference to learn all things business, I really left that conference with so much more.

The relationships with those I met on the airplane, at the airport, at lunch meet ups and dinner meet ups will mean something special to me forever. Remember from my blog post in Part 1 where I said I had already saved and intended to go to RISE Personal development conference in 2020, even though that conference is not for another 6 months I absolutely can’t wait to feel that type of energy again. If you have never considered attending a personal or business development conference before, I truly encourage you to find one that works for you as I am a firm believer conferences like this change lives.

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