Life Changing Conference… Part 2

Even getting on the airplane to head to South Carolina it was clear to me that my excitement was not at all something I made up in my head. Going to this conference was a huge deal and very quickly did I realize everyone and I mean everyone on that aircraft was going to this conference. While I had plan to read and even brain storm book ideas for book #2 on this flight all that went out the window and my natural networking self took over. It was amazing to hear from other people who were like me, entrepreneurs  who had a mindset like I do, who loved Rachel and the Hollis CO as much as I do. The flight was a little over 3 hours long and never once did it feel like a never-ending flight.

Day 1 of the Rise Conference: Being that I missed the window to early register for my conference packet the night I landed, I went ahead and woke up early to get to the event to get my things. Walking into the arena and entering the registration tent, seeing all the RISE signs, knowing my heart and soul was about to be set on fire all I could do was cry. Not ugly cry because I was sad, I cried because for so long, for two years I could only dream of actually being in a seat at this conference.  I found Rachel in late 2017 before Girl Wash your Face really took off. I had been hearing a lot of hype about this upcoming book and was all in all curious what the book was about. Then to have lived through 2018 literally feeling like I was losing everything due career changes with my husband, which then led to the selling of our home in February 2019 and financial freedom shortly after that. There I stood in that arena by the registration signs crying because yet again God showed this young soul what being obedient to him and to his word can do.

I got my goodie bag and workbook, yes I said workbook because this was indeed a Business conference. There was definitely work to do, people to learn from, and speakers whose jobs would be to inspire us. The ticket I was gifted was a sweet ticket and I ended up being able to be super close to the stage (Pics at the end), Day 1 speakers were Rachel Hollis, Dave Hollis, Tom Bilyeu and Trent Shelton. If you don’t follow any of these people already seriously go check them out!! Day 1 was all about us Owning our Past. You might be thinking really at a business conference they want us to talk about things we have done in the past? And I need to own that? Yep! Exactly what they said. Just like the idea you can’t fully love someone else until you love yourself concept, same goes for entrepreneurs. You can’t fully accept and see where your business is heading until you can really dig deep and accept exactly what your business has already been through. Day 1 was hard, it brought lots of emotions to not just me but an entire arena of 6200 men and women. CEO’s of business as well as solo entrepreneurs.

We did an exercise on Day 1 called Stand up for yourself, We were given a list of 20 things, ranging from I have mishandled business finances, I go to drugs and alcohol to cope with the stresses of my life and business, I am not qualified enough to own and run a business. Then Rachel line by line read off this list and had us truly be authentic and vulnerable by standing up for ourselves. This exercise was hard! I know for me it was one of the first times I have admitted to myself certain things out loud before. What made this exercise interesting was that these things on this list I thought I fought alone and seeing thousands of other people stand up when I did made me realize and see I was not at all alone in my struggles.

Still with me?? Awesome!! To keep reading head over to Life Changing Conference Part 3!!

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