Will you be Honest…

Good morning everyone!! Huge shout out to my readers who live outside the US. I have always found it fascinating that my writings actually reach people in countries I can only ever dream of visiting one day. We now have readers from Ireland, India, Alaska, Canada, China, Finland, Belgium, Philippines. OMGeeee you guys how could I not get excited about this!!! I truly thank each and every one of you who continue to support my writings and this blog. This is truly an exciting time in my life and I absolutely love being able to share it with you guys, all of it! The good parts and also the hard parts. 

Where do I start today… This week has honestly just been a full week of blessings! As you know I am a writer, I could write all day long and not run out of things to talk about. Well my writings are finally taking me places because I have finally made the decision to make myself a little vulnerable, ok very vulnerable. If you have have read my new book “This is me doing life” you know exactly what I am talking about. But earlier this week I was hired on for a new writing opportunity. Meet the new writer for Good Morning Longmont! I am stoked to have been given such an opportunity to start writing for a local community here in the Denver area. I have always had a heart for Journalism, but have never been able to take up learning opportunities to truly learn the job from a professional because most of those positions are non paid internships. But now I feel like this is my chance and my time to shine when it comes to writing articles for an entire community. All the hours of school work, writing blogs, writing my book have surely paid off and lead me to such an amazing paid opportunity. Yay!! 

More great news for the Mccune household is as of yesterday we FINALLY have a closing date for our new home. As I wrote about earlier this week Shawn and I have been very patient 10 months to be exact on making the right move into our dream home. We have been very picky about what our dreams look like from here on out and moving our family to a nice little farm home is exactly where both of our hearts are at. November 8th can’t come fast enough. 

With all of my blessings this week and to be sure my husband and I continue to stay on the same page we had to have a VERY honest conversation last night. One that I was quite frankly dreading to have and I am sure he did not really want to hear. For months now I have had this spark inside my heart re-igniting again and again. Personally I have done so much work practicing gratitude, goal setting, setting up meetings and appointments with complete strangers who I honestly and genuinely want to learn something from. But as I am doing all this work, I have slowly started to see my husband, the man I love sit back and just watch. But what I absolutely do not want to happen is for him to sit back and watch me too long. As I fear he himself will not make any headway on his own personal goals and dreams. So last night for the first time in a very long time him and I were alone. We were finally able to talk just the two of us, as a couple, not coming from a place of anger, but coming from a place where we could both speak truth to one another. Who is it do we want to become? Is he proud of me? Am I proud of him? Questions I asked him… If today was it and I passed away tonight would he have regrets? Would he have wished he loved me more, loved our kids better when I was around, been present with me instead of on his phone? and if roles were reversed and it was him that passed away would I have regrets? Would I have wished I hugged him more at night, Held his hand because I could, laughed with him more, been a better friend/wife to him, I hope you guys are getting the picture. 

While it was a hard conversation to have had I for the first time in months went to bed with such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. There were tears but there were also hugs. What I don’t think most of us understand in life is that we need to allow ourselves to be vulnerable at times. Being Vulnerable allows us to be rejected and it is in those times of rejection do we learn how could we have done better? What work do I need to do so that I won’t be rejected the next time I go to put myself out there. So I ask you readers will you be honest? Can you be honest with yourself? With your spouse? Will you allow yourself everyday to be vulnerable to help you grow? As I explained to my husband last night, my success in becoming the writer I want to be has not at all been an overnight success. I learn from my readers all the time tips and tricks on what writing styles you guys can relate with. I have found programs to help to catch grammar errors, spelling errors, etc. So as we go into the weekend I challenge you to think about an area in your life you would like to grow in. Is it your career? Is it in your marriage? As a friend? Allow yourself to be vulnerable, allow yourself to receive a hard truth from your boss, or from a trusted loved one. Allow yourself to feel rejection on some level and take it as an opportunity to learn and grow on how you could do better. Be better. 

I love you guys so much!! As always if you enjoy my writings please share my blog link on your social media pages. I have also been promising for months to have free swag to send to those of you who follow this blog and the time has come! I want to send two of my readers a signed copy of my book “This is me doing life” as well as a personalized bookmark. How you can win, post a comment on one of my blogs Today, Saturday or Sunday and share with me how my writings inspired you. Did you actually work through something I wrote. Come Monday I will announce two lucky winners and will get your prizes in the mail ASAP. So yes, I want to hear from you. Have an amazing Day! Muah!! XOXO!! #Thisismedoinglife #Itellhardtruths #Canyoubehonest #Speaklife


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