You have 5 seconds…

Hello Readers!! How is the day going?!? I am extremely giddy today. I am not quite sure where all my bursts of energy are coming from but I am loving it! Those who are doing the Last 90 challenge with me how are you guys doing? It is only Day 2 but man I feel really good about where this challenge is going to take my mindset and my physical self. To think this is the last 90 days of an entire decade really has me pumped and motivated to finish strong and not cheat myself. 

Today’s blog post is honestly something that has been on my mind for weeks now. My girlfriends and I have a “girls trip” planned for June 2020 and because the three of us have done so much personal development work on ourselves and because we also love this idea, we want to get tattoos while on our trip! Now for me I am a tattoo virgin and if I’m being honest I am still not sure I could sit still watching a tattoo needle do its thing. But I also love the idea of having a permanent remembrance of this time in my life. I am going to brag for a moment so bare with me, but you guys I am “killing it” right now. I am finally doing what I love everyday and that is writing! I have published my first book that is actually selling quite well online. I have found my “Why” in life and that pushes me everyday to pursue my goals and dreams, even on the days when it is hard. Financially my husband and I are also on the right track and this in itself is a huge deal, especially because most of our relationship we have lived paycheck to paycheck. Not knowing any better, or that there was a better way to handle life. We are now to a point where we are able to pay our car insurance 6 months at a time, we have paid off all credit cards, we no longer have car payments, the last debt we owe is my student loan payment. We have two amazing kiddos and are still learning everyday what it means to show up well for them. These are just a few things going on right now. So you can see why I am so excited about this whole tattoo idea. 

As I contemplate what my first tattoo will be and/or say I have all sorts of ideas. Should it be a verse from my book? Should it be a quote from my mentor Rachel who if not for her I wouldn’t have started such a huge personal development journey in the first place. Should it be a love quote from my husband who everyday loves every crazy detail about me. Should it be about my kids? Man so many good options… The more I think about it, I constantly keep coming back to this idea of you have 5 seconds. If you have not read anything by Mel Robbins you absolutely should. She speaks about what 5 seconds can do, here is what she says “If you have an impulse to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill the idea.” Now there is an entire Ted Talk you should watch to go into detail about this quote but from what I am learning about in real time is the truth behind her statement. Now the 5 second rule can work for literally anything or any situation but I relate it most to working out. The times of the day I know will work for me to move my body and get a workout in, it’s in those times I act on that thought rather quickly (within 5 seconds) I am achieving not only my workout but all the tasks I set on my to do list for that day. When I give myself more time to ponder on the upcoming workout or tasks at hand I tend to talk myself out of completing them or saving them for later or another day or missing the tasks all together. 

So my challenge to you reader is… what is it everyday, every year dreams or goals that you talk yourself out of doing? What dreams do you push down to be small because you feel like you’re not qualified to speak about or even talk out loud about. I would challenge you to write down your list and for every item on your list, write down solutions or ways you would achieve such dreams. What comes to mind within 5 seconds, if you would go after that dream or goal knowing you could not fail what would that look like. How would this change your life and the life for your family? Would this make you happy? Trust me, I know this feels like a silly writing exercise but can you imagine what we as a society could accomplish pushing our mindsets daily like this. Man the possibilities.

As always if you enjoy my writings please share this link on your social media pages. Facebook, insta, snapchat, etc. The comments section is always open as well for you my readers to communicate with me, so hey why not write to me. My book “This is me doing life” is also available for sale on,, So go check it out! Thank you all for your continued support. I have said since day 1 of making my writings public even if I only help one person in the process than this was all worth it! Have a fabulous day!! Muah!! XOXO!


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