What in the world…

Good evening Readers. Oh how I have missed you guys. I really have no excuse as to why I have not posted new content on here lately, as things are going well here at the Farm. Yes, we can officially call our homestead a Farm as we now have 15 chickens. If you would of told me even two years ago, this would be my life I would not have believed you. But now that we are here, I would not have it any other way. Man, so where do I even start. While I want to stay away from any conversations that involve the dreaded COVID topic, a part of me feels like it is important to write about. I like most people have my own opinions and theories about this dang virus, as what it has done to the world and my day to day family activities have and will from here on out be changed forever. 

Life before COVID- I am sure we all can still remember what life before COVID looked like. The kids were in school, after school activities were happening, weekend hang outs with friends on the regular. Looking back at what my calendar looked like since the beginning of the year, I was so dang busy. My life was booked out already through the end of June. Yes, you read that right. Before COVID my schedule was already all planned out until the end of June. Now my calendar was not just filled with busy work, it had some fun trips planned in there as well. A trip I was really looking forward to was attending a women’s conference in San diego California. I was going on this trip with my 3 best friends for an entire week. Everything was all paid for and it pained my heart when the conference got cancelled and I had to request a refund for my hotel and airline tickets. 

Life now with COVID- Being that this virus is going to be around for a while I have had lots of time to really think about what I will take away from this experience. While I never expected to ever homeschool my kids, it has now been something thrown into our weekly to do list. I have always thought of teachers as the real hero’s and now that I am the teacher along with everything else it has really confirmed for me that I could never do a teachers job and get my point across to elementary school children. Another take away from this experience I have come to realize is while my calendar had fun scheduled, that fun was always away from our home. Since quarantine we have spent the last 6 weekends at home, doing home projects, cleaning, playing, painting rocks, creating a garden and so much more. I absolutely love that while this is a tough situation to be in, I know my kids will remember this time as just us truly enjoying one another’s company and doing things we didn’t always get to do before. Life now with COVID has us all seeking a new normal, creating new routines and has us all thinking about what truly matters in life with a whole new set of eyes.

While I want the world to re open and travel restrictions to be lifted, kids back in school learning, making friends, I am also not in a rush. There is a part of me that knows this virus had impeccable timing, at a time where I was longing for a chance to slow down, to just be home, relax and enjoy our new Farm. I have said it before we live the life we prayed for and while I did not pray for a virus to happen to slow me down, god surely has my attention and I refuse to waste this time with negative thoughts and theories. I know I am not alone in my thoughts and there are days I surely struggle with my mindset, but I am finding comfort in scripture. I am finding peace with all this quiet time, writing time and reading time. So I encourage you my readers to think about how are you using this time in life to grow? During this time what brings you peace of mind and joy? I love hearing from you all. 

Well those are my thoughts for now. Please take care of one another, stay safe, wash your hands and I promise to write soon. 


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