I can do hard things…

Hey guys!! New year, new you?!? Or is it New year, New you?!? I can never get these quote cards right!! Ha ha!! Anyways how is everyone doing? We are 30 days into the new year have you stuck with “All the things?” Have you continued to put in the work for your yourself and for your family?!

So far for us our year has started out with a bunch of home projects. Seriously, every weekend we have been able to check multiple things off of our must-have/ must do list. But last weekend I was so glad to finally host my first ever vision board party. I attended one of these parties last year and it really did help to keep me focused and goal-driven throughout 2019. So I figured hey lets keep this vision board thing going in 2020. If you are not clear what a vision board is here is the short and sweet version. A vision board is where you use magazine clippings, stickers, words from your journal, notes from church basically anything you have that you could glue to a poster board. The goal for your vision board is for you to set clear goals for yourself and challenge yourself to make some serious headway within the year. Do you want to get fit? Do you want to become debt free? Start asking yourself what would truly set your heart on fire to work on achieving for the upcoming year?

There was about 7 of us that showed up and participated in a fun Saturday afternoon, chatting about life goals and bouncing ideas off one another on how we could accomplish what truly sets our hearts on fire. While working on my board I put transformation 2020. Because, I want a reminder everyday that I am in control of me. I want to remind myself that it is when I challenge myself to do hard things like move my body 30 mins a day, eat right, live on a budget, I am not only breaking old bad habits but I am developing new habits that my kids are also watching me live out. The changes I make will definitely help to shape my children into the adults I truly want them to be. Which leads me to today’s post.

I have never made the choice to truly live off of an eating plan that did not include meat. If I am being honest I was always a little skeptic of people who declared being Vegan or non-meat eaters in general. As I challenged my way of thinking I sat back into this question “Why am I a skeptic? Maybe the health benefits outweigh eating meat? That lead me to start watching some health documentaries like “What the Health” and “Game changer”. I am a sucker for a good documentary. While watching and doing research of my own a lot of the symptoms they discuss in both documentaries are exactly things I struggle with. Inflammation, fatigue, pre-diabetic, this list could go on and on as these are just to name a few. I wouldn’t call myself unhealthy by any means I strive to move my body 30 mins a day, I drink a ton of water (about half of my body weight in ounces per day), Ask my husband even though we have a 7 month old baby she is most of the time a very good sleeper so I get a good amount of sleep a night 8+, lastly, hubby and I pay attention to what we eat, portions we eat, etc. So why all my symptoms? Why am I still feeling lousy?

Everything was leading back to my diet and the things I eat on a daily basis. So after much research and getting some insight from workout trainers I have decided for the month of February (28 days) on top of keeping up with my workouts, drinking all the water, I am going to a Plant based eating plan. No this is not a keto diet or paelo diet. This is strictly sticking to plant based eating. Am I nervous, a little. But honestly I am excited to see what my results will be at the end of the month. I just had some blood work drawn so I have my current cholesterol levels, blood pressure, BMI (Body Mass Index), etc. So it will be interesting to see how it affects my body once I switch up foods I am fueling it with. I can appreciate meal-prepping as it is sure going to take quite a bit of effort on my part this weekend to get everything together to start this come Feb 1st. Thankfully Walmart grocery has my shopping all done for me so now it is just putting my meals all together. Has any of my readers done this already? Any tips on how to keep this plant based eating smooth for 28 days?

I will do my best to write about my journey, the highs, the lows as I think this entire process will be interesting, especially being I am embarking this on my own will. But just as I am doing this hard thing, there are things in your daily lives that each one of you is trying to tackle and I am here to tell you we were all meant to pursue hard things. It is when we challenge ourselves, challenge our mindsets do we grow individually. Just because I have eaten meat all my life, doesn’t mean I cant change it up a bit. So what is your hard thing? What goal are you focusing on tackling for the month of February? Comment below, lets all encourage one another. Wish me luck friends, I’ll keep you posted on my progress. #Thisismedoinglife #Plantbasedeating #Idohardthings #Joinme

Hard Things

Vision Board 2020


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