Life Changing Conference…Part 1

Hey everyone!! 

Anyone else feel like November ended just as quickly as it came?!? Man was I busy! Hubby and I were still in knee deep to the home buying process and while that process was moving along it was still moving at snail speed or so I felt. A bit of back story before I get into the fun of this blog topic. I have all year been a part of Rachel Hollis’s life and business coaching program and side note if you have never invested into any type of coaching program before I so encourage you to find one you love and stick with it an entire year. Anyways being a part of her coaching program I would get “first dibs” to all of the RISE events the Hollis CO put on this year 2019. But as you could see from back blog posts 2019 was insanely busy for myself and for my growing family. Not to mention all the health issues that kept me on my toes this year. So I just accepted 2019 was not going to be my year to attend a sold out, life changing event. 

Then came the middle of October 2019 a gal from one of my coaching groups mentions she has an extra VIP ticket for sale and while she was sure she would not re-sell it for exactly face value, she was however willing to give someone a great deal on this ticket. We went back and forth and being that I was actively in the home buying process and having our bank accounts tracked to literally every penny that was being spent, I again declined this ticket and accepted yet again 2019 was not my year to go to a RISE event. This time I even went as far as turning off all the Facebook ads about this particular RISE event so that I would not be discouraged. Well God knows my heart and he 100% made a way for me to go to this conference. Another gal in one of my coaching groups had another available ticket, but this time she was willing to gift it to someone. She knew many people within the coaching community was aching to go. I reached out to her just to see if this deal was a little too good to be true, we chatted back and forth for hours that day. Turns out we are both from Colorado, we both participated in coaching this past year, we both had running goals and we both had families with small babies. 

After all the chatting back and forth she had yet to buy her airfare or hotel to attend this conference, being that I was not completely broke and had saved for another Rise conference that had not yet went on sale I told her I would commit to her ticket as long as I could find reasonable airfare and hotel. Oh yea and let us not forget I still needed to talk to my boss about getting more time off of work and I still needed to fill my husband in on exactly what I was planning to do leaving him, our 5 month old baby and 6 year old son for 4 days. Again so many pieces of the puzzle had to fit together perfectly for this miracle to happen. Shout out to the man upstairs!! God showed up for me, I found airfare for dirt cheap, I ended up being able to room with another Facebook friend who had already booked a room for herself so we were able to split the cost, my boss gave me the all clear knowing 100% I wanted to be at this conference and made me promise to bring back all the goods. My husband was even on board and willing to take on single parent life for 4 days with the help of grandmas and grandpas. 

So November 6th I boarded the airplane and off I went to South Carolina to attend RISE Business conference….

Want to read more check out Part 2 of this blog. 

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